Yoga & Pranayam

 BJS Hostel

Yoga and Pranayam Classes:

We believe that if student perform sports, yoga and cultural activities along with their studies regularly.

It will enhance their physical and mental abilities. Therefore, the management committee planned to give a focused intervention in yoga, following which Yoga Guru Ramdev was invited to visit the center.

Yoga Guru Ramdev has since visited the center and inspired the students and staff to learn yoga and Pranayam. As the staff members were not trained in Yoga, BJS signed an MOU with Param Yoga Institute, a highly reputed yoga institute in Pune, for yoga workshop in the campus. Subsequently, the school teachers and hostel staff were certified in yoga training by the institute. Now they are conducting daily early morning yoga classes for the students, with the objective of improving their physical and mental well-being. The students also take part in Pranayam classes. The program is being observed and reviewed by the institute.