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Hostel Building

 BJS Hostel

The hostel complex has a built up area of 1 lakh square feet. Each floor of the hostel building has a two study rooms for the student’s use. The complex has been designated to be cross-ventilated, airy and full natural light.

It comprises 222 rooms for student residence, with four children staying in each room. Each room has provision for running water and an attached toilet & bathroom. Running hot water arrangements have been made through solar system panels. There are dedicated study rooms, laboratory and library for the children, as well as two TV rooms in the girls and boys sections respectively. There is also a dedicated hall of 2400 sq. ft. for yoga and pranayama classes.

We also have successfully installed and commissioned 119.68 KWP Solar rooftop power generation systems at our premises in BJS WERC.

Besides administrative units like a store room and an office, the hostel also has accommodation for a resident warden and a resident doctor.