BJS hostel

In this regard, an important activity organized by the student’s bodies with the Hostel Superintendent is a daily evening assembly (after school hours) where all the hostel students join. The purpose of this assembly is to instill discipline as well as unity in the group, at the same time give these children an opportunity to express their talent, overcome stage fright and grow in self-confidence, be aware of current events, develop leadership qualities and develop holistically. Here the children listen to motivational thoughts and fables. To keep aware of the world around them, there are sessions on current affairs and news items. They also perform on the stage in music, dance or drama, according to their preference. They are also encouraged to make presentations about themselves to the group. The entire responsibility of the evening Assembly lies with the students. On a rotation basis, one house has to conduct Assemble daily. The activities in the Assembly are as follows-

• Good Thoughts
• Day’s special
• News
• Parables
• English Vocabulary
• Jokes
• Songs
• Presentation of different arts
• Current Affairs
• Plays
• Information of important leaders
• Biographies
• Celebrating Birthdays

Since the planning and implementation of the Assembly is done by the students themselves, leadership skills, stage presence, sense of responsibility, event management, general knowledge etc. are developed amongst the students.